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Book Review – Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Series: If I Stay, #2
Genre: YA/Romance/Contemporary
Pages: 264
Published: April 5, 2011 by Dutton Juvenile
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It’s been three years since Mia walked out of Adam’s life.
And three years he’s spent wondering why.

When their paths cross again in New York City, Adam and Mia are brought back together for one life-changing night.

Adam finally has the opportunity to ask Mia the questions that have been haunting him. But will a few hours in this magical city be enough to lay their past to rest, for good – or can you really have a second chance at first love?

A raging 4 stars for this story!

I always find this story fascinating. Not because of what Mia, the main character, undergo but of the pure love she has with Adam.  A classical musician and a rock-band singer-guitarist, who would have thought right? Two different genres but become one as they fall in love. Love indeed makes two different tunes sounds in harmony. Love, a single word yet very difficult to describe.

In this story, we’ve got to know what happens after Mia woke up and I would say, I’m expecting for Adam and Mia’s happy ending. Ayeii! The first book, If I Stay left me hanging, so in this second book, hopefully all questions would find its answers.

I was lost in its first few chapters. Adam was talking to this annoying reporter which is very inquisitive. Who does she think she was? But I was happy after Adam broke her recorder and curses at her. Hahaha, that’s what you get for asking stupid questions. Now I am blabbing, hahaha. Sorry.

So back to the story, well, I could say is that I liked it better than the first book. The first book left me hanging and kept me perplexed until I was able to acquire a copy of the second book. Yeah, I became like a crazy dog that can’t pee whenever I finish a book with a cliff hanging ending. Weird eh?

I noticed that in the first book, it’s more about Mia’s point of view, while in this book, it’s more of Adam. It almost made me cry how Adam live those three agonizing years without Mia. (I know it’s a spoiler, so sorry!) I wasn’t became a fan of the book instantly. As I said earlier, the first few chapters confused me. Keeps me asking, “Where’s Mia?” This story indeed answers not just Adam’s questions but also mine, though it was only presented on its few last chapters.

I’ve mentioned before that I am more of a dialogue reader so keeping me to read the whole story not just the dialogue is really a challenge. Though I admit that there’s some couple of lines that I have skipped. Ehe!

Those confusing words were still there but much lesser compared to the first book. I can’t say that I love how the story goes but I undoubtedly love the ending.

I love how the author makes this story a very interesting one and not to mention, very emotional. As I read the story, I can’t help but feel pity for Adam. I like how every song of the album was explained and what influenced Adam to write them and on how it all reflects his feelings.

I was really moved and would love to read more from the author. I liked the ending. It may not be your typical ending wherein the Prince marrying the Princess and they’ll have their happily ever after. But this one is different. They’re having their happy ending in a vague way but come on, they are still young. A lot more beautiful things could happen.

Final Thoughts
Highly recommended to read the first book, If I Stay first before reading this one. But be sure to have a hold of a tissue or a hanky with you, for you’ll finish this story with tears in your eyes.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Review – Where She Went by Gayle Forman | Blushing Geek

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