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Wattpad Review -Talk Back And You’re Dead by Alesana Marie

Series: Talk Back and You’re Dead Trilogy, #1
Genre: Tagalog Romance
Published: by Wattpad
Language: Filipino, Pilipino
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Love itself is a very complicated topic. Easily said but is too hard to understand. We used to believe in eternal love and happy endings because of Walt Disney’s princesses. But is eternal love and happy endings real? Well, if you’re asking me, I don’t know. But I have seen and read stories how a person is willing to do and change everything because of love. Love is really that magical huh!Another gangster love story eh? You may be thinking that I am obsessed with this kind of story eh. Well, I’m not obsessed ok! It just happens that a movie adaptation of the book is soon to be aired on big screen. So, before I got tempted to watch the movie, I should read first the story so I could compare eh! That sure sounds very defensive huh..

This is a tagalog romance story that is first became popular in wattpad. And once published, it became one of the bestselling books in the Philippines.


May nakilala na ba kayong (napakagwapo) nakakatakot na nilalalang na may kakayahang maglabas ng laser beam sa mga mata kapag nagagalit?
Eh ang maging boyfriend sya dahil sa (kabaliwan) kakaibang trip ng mga kaibigan mo?
At ang mapaligiran ng mga (hotties) hot-headed na katulad nya? Ang tahimik kong buhay ay biglang naging parang action movie, may mga habulan at fighting scenes.Ako si Sam, isang perfect student, maganda matalino at mabait). Boyfriend ko si TOP, isang delinquent, gang leader at cussing machine.

Magtagal kaya kami kung pati teddy bear ay pinagseselosan nya rin?

Reaction (book)

This is a kind of book that teenagers would love. A girl that fell in love with a gangster, a delinquent gang leader to be exact, is very cliché, I know. But who cares? The story is so damn good. See? It did make me cuss.

Unlike “She’s dating the gangster by Bianca Bernardino”, I read this story without any clue on its ending. I am even clueless about Top being a gangster. So you can’t really say that I am into gangster affairs 😛

For its first few chapters, I witnessed how Sam and Top started to like each other and soon became boyfriend and girlfriend. And I was like, WHAT? That’s too early. So I really expected it to be lame in its next chapters, but I was wrong. It was still very engaging. It still managed to keep me glued and very anxious to finish the story. And one thing, it’s not a tragic story, so yeheey!

This is also a very entertaining story. Just from the start, I was laughing my heart out. Very funny! Role playing of the “crazy trios” is exceptional. One word that keeps circling in my mind was the word “patteti” hahaha. I am a spaghetti lover but I never imagine calling it with that crazy name.

Though I liked the story, I still have my own sets of “not so like” qualities from the story. I don’t really like the so called “commercial breaks” of the story. It’s really annoying. I know, it’s “break the ice” way of the author, but what the F! It’s really annoying since it is placed on the thrilling part of the story. You know the feeling of being cutoff from something that you really like? Like being deprived to eat your all time favorite food? Well, that’s how I felt. And also, the Facebook status part, I thought Aril hates Red?! Oh well, that’s confusing!

I also find myself lost for a few minutes while reading the story. I was confused, for I thought Top is mad at Sam. But why? How? What? Oh well, I still have a lot of questions in my mind but it’s too many to write in here. I also don’t have any idea why Sam needs to go to France and leave Top. I thought she love Top. I know they are in a very complicated situation, but why can’t she just be with Top? Oh well, this isn’t going to be a real good story without the suspense part aight?

It’s going to be a total bummer I know, but I badly need to release this for I may burn if I don’t. There’s no doubt that a lot of readers love Top. Who wouldn’t be? He’s tall, handsome, and rich! I know I already have a lot of book boyfriends, but I can’t control myself from falling in love with Top. Oh ha! Hehehe. But in the book’s last chapter, I found out that Top became blind! What the Ef? It’s a total turnoff. I really fuckin’ need to read the second book. Oh yeah! I am starting to talk like Top. Hahaha.

So about the characters. Uhm, well, I love Top but I hate how very bossy he was. He’s conceited (well, just sometimes), he’s so good looking, he’s so tall, and easily get jealous. “Nakakasakal”, but if he’s going to be my boyfriend, I don’t mind “namasakal”. Hehehe. Well, this is somewhat different, for all of the book’s characters were rich! So the heaven and earth love story isn’t expected in this story. And the crazy trios, which is actually one of the reasons why I was laughing my heart out. Well, they’re very funny. And ofcourse about the Lucky 13, how could I forget. They may be a gangster, but if they are that good looking, then, how could I complain aight? Hehehe

I think it’s already obvious why I rated it 4 stars eh. Well, that’s good, for I don’t want to sound redundant. Hehehe.

Reaction (author & plot)
This is my very first story from the author, so I can’t really compare. She’s funny, and I like how very resourceful she was in the story scenes. I’ve been reading a lot of books, but I haven’t read something in this story that I have read in other books. So it’s a very refreshing read except for the gangster concept. Ehe!

About the plot? Well, it was a very brilliant plot. Don’t ask me why, just read the story ok?

Final Thoughts
I am already nosebleeding! I can’t think of another nice words to say, so to save me from losing blood, just read the story ok! ; )Ehe!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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