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Book Review – I Heard That Song Before by Mary Higgins Clark

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Pages: 318
Published: 2007 Simon & Schuster
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When Kay Lansing marries wealthy widower Peter Carrington, she is well aware of the rumors surrounding the mysterious death of Peter’s first wife Grace, who was found floating in the family pool ten years ago, pregnant at the time. Kay also discovers that Peter is a chronic sleepwalker who suffers from periodic nightmares. When the police arrive at her doorstep with a warrant for Peter’s arrest in connection with another murder – that of a woman Peter had escorted to a high school senior prom twenty-two years ago – Kay begins to fear that she has married a sleepwalking murderer, and she resolves to find out the truth behind the puzzling deaths. But are the two deaths linked? And why does a melody that Kay cannot identify keep playing in her head every time she approaches the family chapel?


The story started 22-years ago when Peter Carington, was questioned for the disappearance of an 18 year old Susan Althrop, who had vanished following the formal dinner dance she had attended at the Carington mansion. He was suspected but there’s no evidence that could pin him. But after 22 years, Peter was haunted back by its horror. But luckily this time, Peter had Kay Lansing. Though his age is doubled than hers, their relationship was a good one. Kay is a very supportive wife and she strongly believes that Peter is innocent.

Their love story was actually started as a whirlwind romance. Who would ever thought they would end up together? I wasn’t really cool with Kay marrying Peter. I wasn’t really convinced of him being innocent. A lot of evidence was pointing to him. And one reason of it was him sleep walking.

Clark’s style of “who done it” is really annoying but it was indeed challenging. I didn’t even expected the revelation of the bad guy. I honestly didn’t see it coming. And as expected, I love its happy ending. This story is one of my favorites from Mary Higgins Clark. It’’s a very good story and would drag you to read until its last chapter.

This is another suspense/thriller book that a mystery lover like me would enjoy. Mystery, crime, suspense, thriller, romance in just one book. A book that I couldn’t ask for more.

I Heard That Song Before by Mary Higgins Clark | Blushing Geek

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