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Book Review – Before I Say Goodbye by Mary Higgins Clark

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Published: 2000 by Simon & Schuster
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When Nell MacDermott learns that her husband, architect Adam Cauliff, and three of his business associates have died in an explosion of his new cabin cruiser, she is not only devastated but wracked with guilt. The last time she saw Adam, they had a bitter quarrel over her plan to run for the congressional seat long held by her grandfather; she had told him not to come home.

As the investigation into the boat’s explosion proceeds, Nell learns that it was not an accident but a bomb. Despite her skepticism, Nell is swayed by her great-aunt Gert, a believer in psychic powers, to see a medium claiming to be Adam’s channel.

While trying to unravel the threads of Adam’s past and his violent end, Nell consults the medium, who transmits messages to her with instructions from Adam. The story reaches a powerful climax in Nell’s final encounter with the medium, in which she learns the truth about the explosion–a truth she can’t be allowed to live to tell.

The story started when Nell, fifteen-year old, lost both her parents from a plane crash. Which leaves her with the custody of her grandfather Cornelius MacDermott, a legendary congressman from New York. Seventeen years later, Nell is now married to Adam, an architect. Her grandfather persuades her to run for the congress to take over his seat which was to be vacated by Bob Gorman. She accepted the offer to run though it could ruin her relationship with her husband. Some days later, her husband together with some colleagues was involved in a boat accident.

It was an unpredictable story. It’s plot was very interesting and was nicely executed. I actually love it. As usual, my guess on who’s the bad guy was still unsuccessful. Mary Higgins Clark put a suspense, thriller, mystery, humor and romance all in one.

She will make you guess until the end. As expected, she puts a lot of characters in the story which is one of the things that confuses me of “who done it?”. Very easy to grasp words were used in the story so reading it without a dictionary is absolutely ok.

Nell, being the main character, is an independent woman. A beautiful woman who once loved the wrong guy. To be honest, I have nothing to complain about her or any characters in this story. What I just don’t like about it is Nell’s close relationship with the “bad guy”. Haha, now I spill out the identity of the suspect. Peace yow.

This is a perfect book for everyone who loves mystery like me. This is absolutely another addition to your reading list.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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