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Book Review – Remember Me by Mary Higgins Clark

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Pages: 304
Published: November 1, 2007 by Pocket Books
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Unable to forgive herself for the death of her two-year-old son Bobby in a car accident, Menley Nichols’ marriage to Adam starts to fall apart – until the birth of their daughter Hannah. Determined to rebuild a life together around their precious baby, Menley and Adam decide to rent a house on Cape Cod for a month, confidant that the tranquility of the place will be ideal for Menley and little Hannah. But the peace they crave is disturbed when strange things start to happen – incidents which make Menley relive the horror of the accident in which she lost Bobby… incidents which make her fear for Hannah. And step by step, Menley and Adam are drawn into a dark and sinister web of events which threatens their marriage, their child and ultimately Menley’s sanity.

The climax of the story was introduced as early as its first chapter which really gotten me curious while at the same time confused. But I find the first few pages of the book boring. I am also confused, for the introduction of the main character isn’t clear. And the plot of the story seems vague too but only on the book’s first few chapters.

The book actually talks about 2 different stories that is connected by the ‘remember house’. At first, I though it is going to be a horror story. Horror stories weren’t my type for they bore me. Honestly, they spook me. And I don’t like it. But the story is more into suspense than horror. It was also intriguing which got me curious and continue on reading the story.

Just like her other books, this story also gave me a hard time guessing the real culprit but unlike the latter I could finally boast that I named the culprit but not entirely all of them and how it happened. But atleast I pointed one correctly haha sucker. It was an unpredictable story with a mixture of romance plus a lesson about trust. I thought I already know how it’s going to end but was surprised because it turned out to end like that. You will never see the ending coming. It isn’t one of my favorites but I liked it.

This is a well-written story. Perfect for those who loves mysteries and suspense like me. Another master piece from the Queen herself!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Remember Me by Mary Higgins Clark | Blushing Geek