Book Review of This Time Forever by Rachel Ann Nunes | Blushing Geek

Book Review – This Time Forever by Rachel Ann Nunes

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This Time Forever is a story of heartbreak, healing, and faith. It’s a single book that contains two cute love stories that is tenderly rolled into one. Definitely a clean Christian Romance. This Time Forever is book 1 of the Mickelle series written by Rachel Ann Nunes. This Time Forever by Rachel Ann Nunes Series: Mickelle, #1 Published by March 10, 2011 Genre: Romancel, Christian 358…

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Japanese Self-Studying Updates (Lessons 1-8) | Blushing Geek

Japanese Self-Studying Updates (Lessons 9 and 10)

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Happy Monday everyone! It’s time for another Japanese Self-Studying updates 🙂 For this week, I’ve got to learn about the MASU form and other particles which I am really excited to share with you below. Once again, let me remind you that I am not attempting for a tutorial but just sharing what I’ve learn from Misa-sensei’s Grammar Lessons for…

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Recommended Books from Kelly Oram

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The very first book that I’ve read from Kelly Oram was the Supernaturals series and it was also the very first series that I’ve tried. I hate long reads before but she was recommended by a friend and it was the only book of hers in my TBR since I’ve got it directly from the author when I signed up…

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Japanese Self-Studying Updates (Lessons 1-8) | Blushing Geek

Japanese Self-Studying Updates (Lessons 1-8)

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Early this year, I had this unrelenting desire to learn how to speak and understand Japanese. But, let’s be honest, language lessons were quite expensive, and besides, I want my experience in learning the language to be an unforgettable and something I would be proud of. Ofcourse learning it on a paid class is still something you’ll be proud of…

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Book Review – Dating a Cougar by Donna McDonald | Blushing Geek

Book Review – Dating a Cougar by Donna McDonald

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Tired of your usual romance stories? Then you may want to try Dating a Cougar, book 1 of the Never Too Late series by Donna McDonald. It’s an exciting story of a 50 year old successful woman who after given up dating found a man. Not just a man, but a younger man. Dating a Cougar by Donna McDonald Series: Never Too Late,…

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13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

13 Reasons Why I Love Japan

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As a kid, I’m always been fascinated with Japan. I’ve been hearing a lot of beautiful things about this country, not just with its world class tourist attractions and technology but with their rich culture. Lately, I’ve been more eager to learn more about the country, been studying the language, reading some free materials online about the country, watching and…

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Book Review - Wallbanger by Alice Clayton | Blushing Geek

Book Review – Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

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Wallbanger is a very hot and sensual story but the humor it provide will absolutely left you laughing your heart out. So if you don’t mind rolling in the floor laughing, then you may want to consider reading this book, Wallbanger (Cocktail #1) by Alice Clayton. Wallbanger by Alice Clayton Series: Cocktail, #1 Published November 27th 2012 by Omnific Publishing Genre: Romance, New Adult,…

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Friday Favorites #4: Book Genres | Blushing Geek

Friday Favorites #4: Book Genres

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What’s your favorite book genre/s? Suspense/Thriller/Mystery If you check out the first 10 book reviews I posted when I started blogging, you will notice that almost all of them were from Mary Higgins Clark. She has written 51 best seller books in the United States and various European countries, thus giving her the title as America’s Queen of Suspense. You…

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How To Add WWW To WordPress | Blushing Geek

How To Add WWW To WordPress URL

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Have you ever wondered how bloggers or website owners make their website display the whole www . YourBlogName . com and not just YourBlogName . com in the browser? vs That’s what I wondered too when I started to self host my blog. YourBlogName . com looks good already but there are times that I could get a little OCD.…

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Manga Review – Rabu★Kon (Love*Com or Lovely Complex) by Aya Nakahara

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Rabu★Kon or which is popularly known as Lovely Complex (Love*Com) is a fun shojo manga that I’m sure every shojo and YA lovers would love and enjoy. This is by far the most entertaining and cutest shojo manga I’ve read this year. Definitely a must read! Rabu★Kon (Love*Com or Lovely Complex) by Aya Nakahara Published by Shueisha from September 2001 – December…

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